Well, here we are.

Ten years ago I started writing my first book, Total MMA: Inside Ultimate Fighting. It was the beginning of a journey that has completely changed my life. Not only did I get the opportunity to meet many of my idols, men like Dusty Rhodes, Kazushi Sakuraba and Greg Jackson, but I was allowed to help tell their stories and shape the history of the sports we love.

This, in itself, was a huge change from how business was typically done in the media. Usually stories about pro wrestling and mixed martial arts were written by people with no background in these subjects, no discernible expertise and, most importantly, no passion for the subject matter. The result, as anyone who has ever read a mainstream piece on something they love, was typically dreadful.

The internet revolution Democratized the coverage of wrestling and MMA, giving enthusiasts a platform to compete with established media giants. And make no mistake—the good guys won.

At Hybrid Shoot, we’re looking to bring the same energy and love to the world of publishing. Because, while there is robust coverage of wrestling and MMA online, fans looking for substantive longer form works often have to wait years between worthy releases.

Combat sports is filled with amazing athletes who have incredible stories to tell. Unfortunately, the mainstream publishers don’t think the audience is big enough to be worth their time. If we want to share the history of MMA, boxing and wrestling, we’re going to have to do it ourselves.

That’s where Hybrid Shoot comes in.

We hope to produce dozens of tremendous combat sports tomes over the years, giving your favorite writers and artists an opportunity to tell complex, long form stories about the athletes you love. And we’re starting with a good one—an-honest-to-God biography of Ken Shamrock.

Sure, he’s published two books of his own. But this time, UFC Hall of Fame fighter and former professional wrestler Ken Shamrock is ready to tell all.

He’s spilled blood in the cage and now he’s ready to spill his guts to fans around the world. This book is more than the inside scoop on his legendary career. It’s the version of the combat sports revolution you’ve never heard before, the sex, drugs and rock and roll edition of a story that spans the entirety of MMA history.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 9.31.13 AM

Over the past year I’ve interviewed Ken numerous times over the phone and visited with him twice in person. I’ve also interviewed dozens of folks who’ve played a part in Ken’s life, from his teammates and coaches to strip club managers and drug dealers. The result is a story that is wilder than anything I could have imagined. Ken, the no holds barred fighter, held nothing back.

Pardon our french but, simply put, it’s a wild f–king tale, the story of a man who came from nothing, conquered the world, then lost it all again. Now, with the strength of his faith to help power him, he’s finding his way once again. You may think you know the Ken Shamrock story. You do not—because it’s never been told.

Until now.

When a combat sports book does emerge from a major press, it’s a glossy autobiography of a major star or a book published in conjunction with an enormous corporate entity like UFC or WWE. These books, while often artfully done, are mostly constructed for and by casual fans. The hardcore fans have been left wanting.

What we’re offering right now is a great book about Ken Shamrock. But that’s just the beginning. Please consider supporting our campaign to preserve the history of the sports we love.

-Jonathan Snowden

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