Lee Casebolt has followed pro wrestling since 1984 and MMA since 1993, and has argued about both online since 1996. He has never published anything of note, but did con the University of Northern Iowa into letting him write about 19th century pro wrestling for his history degree. He has a Master’s in History, an instructor’s certificate in Jeet Kune Do, a green belt in judo, and an IMDB page, all of which he acquired more or less by accident. He lives in Iowa with his wife and cat, both of which he acquired on purpose.
Jonathan Snowden is a Bleacher Report senior writer and the author of Total MMA, The MMA Encyclopedia, Shooters and an upcoming Ken Shamrock biography. He’s a former radio DJ and television producer who worked for the White House Communications Agency in Washington, D.C. He currently works for the Department of Defense.