Reno, Nevada – Shamrock: The World’s Most Dangerous Man, the eagerly awaited biography of UFC WWE legend Ken Shamrock, is released today.

The explosive new book penned by MMA and professional wrestling historian and best-selling author Jonathan Snowden is the first tell-all account of a life of incredible highs and lows.

It tells the tale of a complicated man who overcame a horrific childhood to win worldwide success. It is also the tale of drugs, depravity and debauchery that almost cost him everything.

It is a look inside the life of a superstar as honest and brutal as the no-holds barred fights that first launched Shamrock into the public consciousness three decades ago.

“This book is not just from my point of view but also from the viewpoints of those who were with me back in the day,” Shamrock says. “They had the freedom to tell all. If you are a fan this is a must-have. You will be shocked. I open up about my whole life— both highs and lows. And some of the lows will cause your jaw to hit the ground. It was a crazy time.”

Through extensive research including more than 100 interviews with Shamrock’s family, friends, opponents and even enemies, Snowden paints the picture of a complicated man who, even when on top of the sports world, was planting the seeds of his eventual fall.

“I quickly discovered that after almost three decades in the spotlight and thousands of media of interviews, we’d barely scratched the surface when it came to telling the tale of Ken’s remarkable life,” Snowden said. “We had two ground rules – Ken wouldn’t tell me what to write and he wouldn’t try to prevent anyone from speaking with me.”

From promoters and opponents to drug dealers and his favorite strippers, Snowden left no stone unturned in the quest for the complete story of Shamrock’s wild life.

Snowden added: “What’s great about Ken’s story is that it doubles as the story of the rise of the mixed martial arts. From UFC 1 right up through his last fight on Spike TV, Ken has always fascinated fight fans. And that’s without knowing the truly insane tales lurking just beneath the surface.”


•Ken was abused sexually and physically before eventually running away and living behind a 7-11 where he was nearlystabbed to death.

•He spent his teenage years in the foster system, eventually landing in Bob Shamrock’s care. The Shamrock Boy’s Ranch was a Lord of the Flies world where only the strong survived.

•Shamrock once almost killed a former BYU football player in a bar fight, eventually cleared by Judge Mills Lane who called the confrontation “mutual combat.”.

• Acquaintances and friends detail a wild young man who once burst off the back of a friend’s motorcycle to rob his cocaine dealer when Ken ran out of both cash and blow

•Some of Shamrock’s early fights in the Pancrase organization had predetermined endings. He talks explicitly about which fights were fixed and how they went down.

•Shamrock was a copious abuser of illegal drugs and steroids and engaged frequently in violence outside the cage and ring as a pro wrestler and fighter.

•During Shamrock’s WWE years, he began dealing ecstasy in the San Diego area, intoxicated by the thrill and power. Details include the story of being robbed for tens of thousands of dollars worth of drugs by a former gay porn star.

•Ken had a long-running affair with Alicia Webb, who played his sister Ryan Shamrock on WWF television. Despite a large age difference, the two were an item for years, engaging in drug-fueled debauchery, threesomes and wild behavior. At the height of his earning power in MMA, Shamrock was often too obsessed with the nightlife to train properly for his fights.

•Despite earning more than $2 million as a wrestler and hundreds of thousands of dollars per fight upon his return to MMA, Shamrock filed for bankruptcy and owed the IRS close to a million dollars when he didn’t file tax returns. That debt, and the ensuing penalties and fines, haunted him and are a big part of the reason he continued fighting into his 50s.


• Published by Hybrid Shoot Press

•426 pages

•$19.95 paperback; $9.99 on Kindle

• Available at Amazon, Barnes and and wherever books are sold.

• Review copies are available by request.

For updates, follow Snowden on Twitter @jesnowden.

About Hybrid Shoot

Hybrid Shoot is a publishing company for hardcore fight fans, by hardcore fight fans. Combat sports is filled with amazing athletes who have incredible stories to tell. That’s where Hybrid Shoot comes in.

Founder Jonathan Snowden is a former soldier and currently a senior writer for Bleacher Report and CNN. He’s the author of Total MMA, The MMA Encyclopaedia and Shooters: The Toughest Men in Professional Wrestling.

Twitter: @hybridshoot

About Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock is one of the most widely recognized MMA fighters in the world and a former WWE superstar. He was the UFC’s first Superfight champion and the inaugural King of Pancrase. At 56, he continues to compete in the ring for Impact Wrestling on AXS TV and is the promoter behind Valor BK, a fledgling bareknuckle boxing event.


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