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“Jonathan Snowden was born to write this book, no doubt the definitive look at one of MMA’s most influential pioneers and a true pro-wrestling tough guy. Snowden’s muscular prose and meticulous reporting makes ‘Shamrock: The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ one of the most ambitious MMA or wrestling biographies ever written. Even hardcore fans will find they learn a few new things about Ken … and maybe Jonathan, too.”
–Chad Dundas, The Athletic.

“Ken Shamrock is an icon and legend of the sport and this book captures every minute of his entire career with stories that will absolutely leave your jaw on the floor. This book is a must have for any fan of the sport.”
–Damon Martin, MMA Fighting

“New biography of Ken Shamrock by Jonathan Snowden is highly recommended. Stories of debauchery sizzle on the page but, for me, what made it such a gripping read was here is man who’s never been afraid of a fight but only now brave enough to face up to how he lived his life. 5 stars.”
–Anthony Evans, Former UFC head of media relations and content chief for UFC Fight Pass.

“The book takes you on a roller coaster that mimics Ken’s life. You find yourself feeling actual emotion for him, both the remarkable highs and the most painful of lows. It brings you into several different worlds that no normal human can imagine themselves ever setting foot in. As a lifelong MMA fan, the book serves as both a source of entertainment, but in many ways a history of the sport itself.”
–AJ Hoffman, ESPN Radio

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